Ompar and Cielle weave a technological “network”

Synergy that is born to achieve still higher competitiveness in the foreign Countries

It is at a start a new technological partnership between OMPAR, which has reached  50 years of activity and is considered one of the most important precision mechanical workshop in the worldwide market mostly as regards the manufacturing of Diamond Cutting Machines for  the goldsmith’s and fashion sectors , and CIELLE, firm located in Treviso (Italy) which has been operating for over 30 years in the manufacturing field of Machine tools, pantographs and laser  machines for cutting and marking.

These two production realities – cites a note -  deeply  rooted in Italy, share the same vocation for the foreign markets and, to face them properly, they have decided to join their single competences and qualified experiences  to give birth to a synergy at the service of those factories that are working precious metals, fashion accessories and jewelry for domestic and foreign markets.

«Ompar – underlines Mr. Michele Adda, general manager of the Vicenza company – has always been strongly devoted to exportation.  Nowadays, in fact, its 50% of production is exported in the extra EU countries. The made in Italy trademark is the remarkable  plus that Ompar and Cielle promote: all over the world this is a recognized value and a solid guarantee. In fact, the jewelry industry is pulled by the most famous Italian names of fashion and luxury  but the foreign customer knows that behind the beauty of a finished object  there is also a strong technological expertise. Cielle and Ompar have based their cooperation on this know-how».

In the goldsmith’s area, the “made in Italy” represents one of the most florid sectors of the domestic exportation: in the first nine months of the 2014 the turnover of the jewelry and custom jewelry factories has shown an increase of 5,8%, thanks to a +6,9% export trend.

«The synergy with Ompar is a milestone for our development in the foreign markets – explains Ms. Elena De Lazzari, Cielle operations manager. Our reply, to compete with so many foreign manufacturers lowering the prices, is to raise the quality level of our technological solutions applied to our products. For this reason, Cielle and Ompar have never spared on research and innovation and, finally, the market recognizes and rewards these values. Thus, our goal is to make essential the technology we offer because it is the only one which can grant excellent results».

In this context, the two Venetian companies will take part jointly to the next international events.